Cuma, Haziran 16, 2006

Women's Summer Outreach Program 2006

I am Umran Kamar from Izmir, TURKEY(states written first in my country.) I am undergraduate student at Izmir Institute of Technology. Its my fourth year on the school. This year i am going to take my thesis on linux kernel development. I do not certainly decide on details but my major topic would be linux kernel.
For nearly two years i use linux operating systems. First of all i use Suse 8.2, then Suse 9.1, Suse 9.2, Suse 9.3, OpenSuse10.0. And after PARDUS (Turkish national and powerfull distro) released, I began to use PARDUS on my pc. I also work at Computer Resarch and Application Department of my institute and use Debian-Sarge and Fedora-Core4 at work. I'm also familiar with Ubuntu.
I know c and java most properly, and also experienced programming with c++, php and scheme!(I do not like Lisp much!).
The other factor that encourages me with you is charity of Turkey's Linux community as is all over the world. Contrarily your assumption, all (incredible) men help me while i am studyin on Linux, and i know will help as they can if i attend this project.
There are many programmer women interested with linux in my country, but they are lack of courage to attending projects and leading women community. I am expecting this project will be landmark for the Turkish women community to be more confident on attending linux and linux based projects.
I want to develop an Evince Mozilla plugin, as competing.
yours faithfully , Umran..

Konuyu secmemde yardimci olan Arda'ya ve bu mail'in bu kadar duzgun yazilmasini saglayan Erdinc'e sesleniyorum; You are my incredibles!

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