Cuma, Haziran 16, 2006

Chris: Women's Summer Outreach Program 2006

Hi, Umran.

> Hi, I am Umran Kamar from Izmir, TURKEY(states written first in my
> country.) I am undergraduate student at Izmir Institute of
> Technology. Its my fourth year on the school. This year i am going
> to take my thesis on linux kernel development. I do not certainly
> decide on details but my major topic would be linux kernel. For
> nearly two years i use linux operating systems.

Excellent, great to hear from you.

> I want to develop an Evince Mozilla plugin, as competing.

Okay! That sounds really useful. So, here's a suggestion for a plan:

* I'll find a possible mentor for you, who you could chat with to
talk over how a mozilla plugin would work, what the specific goals
for the project would be, and what you're going to need to learn to
be able to work with the code.

* We'll have our application form online in a few days; once you've
worked out the specific goals you can write and submit your
application with them in.

Sound good?


- Chris.

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