Perşembe, Temmuz 20, 2006

wsop-first screen-shot of evince-mozilla plugin!

Evince version : 0.5.3 source version
O.S. : Ubuntu - Dapper 6.0.6

Project steps;
-apt-remove evince
-compiled evince, form source, installed dependent packages.
-apply, plugin-patch recompiled evince with mozilla option, solve some autotool, and plugin dependent problems
-after successful installation, firefox crashes because of plugin dependent error, fixed it!

All projects published in planet-gnome/wsop2006

p.s. (for turkish community) sth happened but we will learn later, alltogether...

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diego dedi ki...

Hey, good to know you have made such great progress.
Just one thing: make sure it works in Epiphany! :).

Good Luck

sick princess dedi ki...
Bu yorum bir blog yöneticisi tarafından silindi.
sick princess dedi ki...

Ok i deleted my previous question, can you tell me the way of testing of a mozilla plugin, in another browser.

thank you!

diego dedi ki...

Hi again,

I asked that and seems that if it works in any gecko browser then it works in any other gecko browser.
As with Epiphany, just make sure the plugin is installed somewhere it can be seen and a simple about:plugins will tell you if it's loaded.

Christian Persch said this on IRC (might be of help, I didn't know this):
< chpe> if it's installed in ~/.mozilla/plugins epiphany should see the plugin, otherwise start epiphany with setting MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH env var beforehand

I hope this helps you, keep up the good work! :).

BTW, if you have any issue with Epiphany you can visit us at #epiphany in and we will be glad to help.

sick princess dedi ki...

ok. i will keep in mind, and try this as soon as possible, i will be there in a few days!

sick princess dedi ki...

ay in a day dicektim, in a few days dedim, aman neyse, hosgorun, uykusuzum!

diego dedi ki...

I guess that's the translation! :P

Alex dedi ki...


Is there going to be any functionality in this that doesn't make sense to put right into Evince?

I'm just wondering if there's ever a corner case where turning off the special "http" URI scheme handler gives me any disadvantage.

Currently, when I click a link to a PDF file, it opens in Evince using GNOME VFS without saving to permanent storage, first. Which is nice.

gnrfan dedi ki...

Hi there Umran. Quim Gil from this last GUADEC suggested all of you girls in the WSOP planet should have a hackergotchi, so please send pictures of you to so we can make some nice hackergotchis for you to use. Regards, Antonio.

sick princess dedi ki...

@diego : its grammer correction, but not critic so i wrote in Turksih.

@alex : in wsop interval, i won't take part in evince, only plug-in

@gnrfan : ok, i am going to send ASAP, i can